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Recycling and stabilizing with higher outputs and quality.

Boppard, 18/01/2018:  With the expansion and restructuring of this product range, "RS" is now the established designation at Bomag for recyclers/stabilizers. The latest model in the range is the RS 650, launched in October 2017; this unit is suitable for stabilizing and recycling within the scope of medium and large-scale construction projects. This model has 10% more power than the previous version.

In addition, the new, double-SCR system has helped to improve the environmental benefits of the RS 650. The two cascaded systems ensure that the latest Tier-4 final emission standards are met. This means this model is suitable for use in Europe and North America.

The operator has an excellent 360-degree view thanks to the central, high working position and the large-scale windows of the ROPS/FOPS cab, even without camera systems. Complemented by intuitive control, safety is also enhanced by this cab design because the clear view of the working edges allows the machine to manoeuvre safely. Also, the rotation of the seat by 2x45 degrees offers stress-free working even on long shifts.

In addition to the diesel engine, the travel system, electrics and assistance systems have been upgraded. By way of example, another new feature is the four camera system, which allows an excellent all-round view up to the milled edges, while the eight LED lights and two working head lights provide good visibility at night. Modern safety regulations are met with no compromise in efficiency.

Depending on site requirements, the output of the RS 650 can be adjusted to milling widths of 2.40 m and 2.60 m. This gives significantly higher surface coverage. The RS 650 is designed to mix soil with binders to a depth of 60 cm. Additives include water, bitumen emulsion, foamed bitumen or cement slurry, as specified. In addition, the Flexmix technology developed by BOMAG allows infinitely variable crushing of materials.

The stabiliser is used in South America in this way for road recycling and soil improvement. First of all, the old road is pulverised and then mixed with cement, water, emulsion and bitumen to produce a new, load-bearing sub-base. The mixed-in-place method using the RS 650, has proved cost-effective and efficient, as locally available materials can be used, and only the binders need to be shipped in. In this way, both transportation and logistical costs can be cut. Additionally, the reduced number of trucks and the resulting lower fuel consumption means lower CO2 emissions, and this also improves the overall environmental footprint.

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