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Defining Moments in BOMAG History

The Bopparder Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft mbH is part of the evolution of earthworks and highway construction, giving it a place in the development of the industrial world. Wherever roads are built across the world, people’s lives become connected thereby supporting the growth of the world’s economies. In over 50 years BOMAG has used successive innovations and technical know-how to literally „pave the way“ of progress.

2022 – e-PERFORMANCE portfolio expanded

BOMAG unveils fully electric tandem rollers for the first time at bauma in Munich: the BW 100 AD e-5 and BW 120 AD e-5 models.
The rollers with e-PERFORMANCE combine sophisticated technology with clever solutions for the future. BOMAG's BT 60 e electric tamper already demonstrated a year before that performance and emission-free work on the construction site are by no means contradictory.

2021 – A large planer sets standards in the 2-metre class

With the BM /65 series, BOMAG is launching the lightest cold planer in the 2-metre class in 2021. The large planer can be easily loaded and transported from site to site. The planer, truck and trailer have a total weight of less than 44 t. Thanks to its particularly slim design and small turning circle, the BM/65 series is also ideally suited for milling in tight bends or roundabouts.

2020 – BOMAP Connect and the fifth generation of refuse compactors

BOMAP Connect is a smart helper for the construction site. The app displays compaction progress on the operator’s own smartphone or tablet, reducing passes by up to 30% and thus cutting costs and COemissions. In addition, BOMAP Connect is a cloud-based solution that offers networked control and documentation of all machines involved in compaction on the construction site. As well as a number of design advantages, the latest generation of refuse compactors is particularly impressive thanks to its higher efficiency, low operation costs, and even better driving comfort. The new hydrostatic travel system automatically ensures high efficiency, while ECOMODE and ECOSTOP reduce fuel consumption and wear.

2019 – developing machines digitally

“Think Further – Road Equipment and Solutions by Bomag.” BOMAG presented numerous innovations with this slogan at bauma 2018. The highlight was the fully autonomous ROBOMAG tandem roller, developed by BOMAG in cooperation with the Technical University of Kaiserslautern as a technology study. In addition to other innovations, such as the BF 200 mini paver and a digital maintenance concept called “Remote Service Assistant”, BOMAG was focusing primarily on alternative drive concepts. The BW 174 AP hybrid tandem roller combines a diesel engine, hydraulic accumulator and a compaction system into one highly efficient system solution that saves up to 20% fuel.

2018 – TanGO rounds off the 360° technology

As part of the 360° technology concept, BOMAG has been offering TanGO for tandem rollers since 2018. For the first time, this technology allows a combination of oscillation and a split drum. This makes sense when gentle compaction is required, such as on seams or bridges, near buildings or on very thin layers. With the 360° concept, BOMAG offers three different compaction technologies: Standard vibration, tangential oscillation with TanGo, and the automatically controlled compaction system ASPHALT MANAGER.

2017 - 60 years of BOMAG: The success story continues

BOMAG celebrated its 60th anniversary this year. The anniversary year was marked by a product and service campaign featuring new models, plus special editions and other birthday specials. Starting from this year for example, all single drum rollers are equipped with the BOMAG ECONOMIZER, a means to check the compaction progress. The anniversary was also celebrated at many BOMAG sites around the world, from Germany all the way to China.

2016 - Additions to the product range

BOMAG has further completed its product range with the cold planer BM 2000 and the recycler/stabiliser RS 500. Due to its size and efficiency the BM 2000 is ideally suited to large-scale projects on motorways or airports, whilst the RS 500 scores with its innovative machine concept. The side-shift facility of its milling rotor allows for wheel-based recyclers/stabilisers to mill up to the fringes of a roadway for the first time. BOMAG thus expands its product range for the whole life cycle of the road.

2016 - Relocation of BOMAG Austria

The profit centre Austria relocated from the city centre of Vienna to a new complex with more favourable traffic connections and an improved accessibility for its customers. In Alland, about 20 km outside of Vienna, 400 m² of office and conference rooms as well as 600 m² of hall space ensure that the BOMAG service concept is implemented perfectly. Whether customer trainings, repairs or specialist conferences – the modern building concept opens up any number of possibilities.

2015 - Launch of the new BOMAG generation of single drum rollers

The latest generation of our single drum rollers was presented to an international audience during the course of the BOMAG Innovation Days. The machines from the 11 to 26 t weight category feature state-of-the-art engine technology and intelligent power control, which makes this series real cutting edge units in terms of efficiency and eco-friendliness. A new addition to the product portfolio is the 12 tonne category.

2015 - New plant in the USA

The USA BOMAG plant has been relocated from Kewanee (Illinois) to Ridgeway (South Carolina). A parts warehouse, assembly halls, and offices have been established on a site area of around 12,000 m²; 121 new jobs have been created. The new location also provides strategic advantages: proximity to important import harbours and airports, and also the favourable climate that allows year-round sales and service training.

2014 - "Top Job" award

BOMAG GmbH is one of the best employers amongst German medium-sized companies and has accordingly been presented with the "Top Job" award at the 'Mittelstands-Summit' in Essen. The University of St. Gallen had previously conducted a survey of staff and HR management on the topics of staff satisfaction and management quality. BOMAG has particularly impressed in the categories of advanced training, work atmosphere, and family friendliness.

2013 - Takeover of CMI and CEDARAPIDS

BOMAG has taken over several TEREX production lines in North America, including the CMI and CEDARAPIDS products such as pavers and recycler/stabilizers. This takeover has strengthened BOMAG's position on the American market allowing it to offer its customers the best possible, local technical support.

2012 - Introduction of the new corporate logo

BOMAG introduced its new corporate logo at the beginning of 2012. The reason behind the change is the desire by French parent company FAYAT for a universal logo for all company groups and subsidiaries worldwide. The new logo promotes a sense of community among FAYAT subsidiaries and will provide positive enhancement of the FAYAT image on world markets.

2010 - BW 332 DEEP IMPACT

BOMAG received again the „TOP 100“ seal of innovation. The BW 332 DEEP IMPACT, presented at bauma 2010, is nominated by TOP 100 as one of the best 10 product innovations of the year. The strongest single drum roller of the world sets new standards in soil compaction. 32 tonnes operating weight, 100 kg/cm static linear load, 3.3 mm amplitude, 750 kN centrifugal force, VARIOCONTROL, polygonal drum and 2.4 m working width. A milestone in economic compaction.

2008 - TOP 100

BOMAG has been named one of the most innovative companies amongst small and medium sized enterprises in Germany, and received the „TOP 100“ seal of innovation. A clear sign for the innovation capacities of the company. In the same year several products received the iF design award as well as the reddot award.

2006 - Milling machines and finishers

From October 2006 BOMAG assumed the responsibility for milling machines and finishers from the FAYAT daughter company MARINI. Since then BOMAG assumed also the responsibility for production and for technical development of the products.

2004 - Take-over of BOMAG by FAYAT

Take-over of BOMAG by FAYAT, a highly successful French company. At that time BOMAG was the market leader for soil and asphalt compaction equipment, FAYAT was number 1 in Europe and number 3 worldwide for asphalt plants and number 3 in Europe for road maintenance equipment: The beginning of a „dream team“.

2004 - GPS-supported measuring technology & Polygonal drum

On the occasion of the bauma fair, BOMAG started a product campaign (60% new!) and, among others, presented the latest GPS-supported measuring technology. Also the 2003 introduced polygonal drum was presented – the redefinition of compaction economy.

2003 - Powdercoating and spraypainting plant

The start-up of the new and modern powdercoating and spraypainting plant for large machines parts. The heart of the computer controlled system was the driverless FTS transport system which fed components to individual processing points for drying, coating and burning in.


BOMAG introduced ASPHALT MANAGER, the only system in the world for optimal compaction with compaction control on asphalt, that also automatically adjusts the compaction force. A real milestone in compaction technology.

1999 - Plant extension

BOMAG grew further. Additional 9,000 m² for the light equipment assembly, warehouse and electronics installation were inaugurated. In 2000 the despatch facilities were added.

1997 - 40th BOMAG anniversary

After economically difficult years the operations in Boppard were supplemented with a new powder coating plant for efficient and environment friendly painting of the machines.

1993 - Certification to DIN ISO 9001

Certification to DIN ISO 9001. BOMAG was the first manufacturer in this branch to be certified in just a few months after application to the quality certification system DIN ISO 9001. Quality is still the top priority today.

1986 - First licence contract in China

First licence contract in China. Since then BOMAG is present in China. A couple of years later BOMAG founded a joint venture with the Chinese company BOMA. Single drum rollers and tandem rollers were to be built for the Chinese market. Finally in 2002 BOMAG China was founded in Fengxian, south of Shanghai.

1983 - BTM 01 Terrameter

Perhaps the best innovation at the beginning of the 1980s: the BTM 01 Terrameter. BOMAG took over as leader in compaction control systems worldwide. It was a system, which made it possible to control compaction during rolling. Until now BOMAG has remained leader in compaction control systems.

1973 - Research and Development

BOMAG was by now known around the world for bringing new solutions to the market. This of course had to be continued. In 1972 the company therefore decided to build a new Research and Development Centre. The decision laid the foundation for a Research Centre, which even now is unique in the world of compaction technology.

1970 - Acquisition

Acquisition of BOMAG by KOEHRING Company, Milwaukee, U.S.A. Under the umbrella of the KOEHRING Group BOMAG continued growing. KOEHRING was able to open a way into one important market in the world: the USA.

1969 - Factory relocation at Hellerwald

Factory relocation to the site at Hellerwald Industrial Area, still today BOMAG’s headquarters worldwide. From an original site of 80,000 qm the area is now over 300,000 m². Throughout its history BOMAG has expanded the plant in Hellerwald and continues to do so.

1962 - BW 200

Launch of the world’s first 7 tonnes double vibratory roller: the model BW 200. It drew admiration from all over the world. The roller was exported as far as China, and until 1993 was a long-time sales hit at BOMAG, for more than 30 years.

1961 - Branches abroad

BOMAG started early establishing branches abroad: 
1961    BOMAG Austria
1967    BOMAG Great Britain
1968    BOMAG Nippon and BOMAG Canada
1970    BOMAG USA
1978    BOMAG France
2000    BOMAG Italy
2002    BOMAG China
2008    BOMAG Poland
2009    BOMAG Russia 

1957 - Foundation

The BOPPARDER MASCHINENBAU GESELLSCHAFT MBH was founded in Boppard for the manufacture of the world’s first BW 60 double vibratory roller with all drum drive. A revolution in compaction technology. Just after 13 years, the company was the leading supplier in the vibratory roller sector on the world market.