A Group with strong values – independent and committed.

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A family writes entrepreneurial history.

The FAYAT Group is the largest independent French company in the building and civil engineering sector. With its road building equipment division, it belongs to the top tier in international road construction. Founded in 1957, the Group achieved sales of 5.3 billion euros in 2022 with 22,791 employees in 170 countries.

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1947 - A company with roots.

Clemént Fayat, the namesake of the FAYAT Group, founds his first company at just 22. He learns about the hard day-to-day site work at the age of 15 alongside his father, a bricklayer, during the construction of the Chastang Dam.

Fayat shows he can be counted on; he is curious and capable. "The dirt from the building site still sticks to my shoes," Clément Fayat will later say - a quote that, despite all his ambition and drive, sums up his down-to-earth nature and the source of his inspiration in simple words.

1957 - The success story begins with a bulldozer.

By investing in a bulldozer and founding the Société Nouvelle de Terrassement (SNT), Clément Fayat enters the earthworks business himself. The self-taught entrepreneur proves himself here as well.

A few years later, the company is renamed Fayat & Compagnie. With perseverance and courage, he turns it into what later becomes France's largest independent construction group.

Fayat expands the Group step by step, always relying on several pillars. The integration of the steel construction companies Castel and Fromaget in the 1970s represents the first significant diversification and expansion into other business areas. In 1988, Fayat acquires the Marini company, the first acquisition outside of France.

Clément Fayat never ceases to reinvest - in his company, employees and production facilities. This generates a steady flow of capital that enables the company to continuously finance expansions itself. To this day, the company is independent of the capital market.

2004 - The next big step.

With the acquisition of BOMAG, the world leader in compaction machines, Clemént Fayat underlines its ambitions in the road construction machinery sector.

The German company can contribute over 50 years of experience and development work in a market segment - new to FAYAT - that is becoming increasingly important.

BOMAG is now part of a family group, in which it is perfectly integrated. Jean-Claude Fayat, CEO FAYAT Group

2017- Worldwide success.

FAYAT strengthens its strategic position in the road construction equipment market and is now present in 170 countries worldwide. The company's product range covers the entire road life cycle, from producing road building materials to site preparation, laying and compaction, and the complete recycling of road surfaces.

All this is done in the spirit of sustainable and ecological responsibility - with particularly resource-saving and efficient tampers and vibratory plates, rollers for earthworks and asphalt construction, planers, pavers and recyclers.

2021 - The legacy lives on.

In 2022, Clément Fayat passes away, but his legacy lives on in the Clément Fayat Foundation founded one year earlier. The foundation is also a shareholder and will preserve the independence of the Group in the future. Clément Fayat handed down to his sons Jean-Claude (left) and Laurent (right) the core values of autonomy, commitment, courage, and the will to succeed. Today, they are at the head of the company and keep their father's DNA alive in all departments and subsidiaries.

Jean-Claude Fayat, Clément Fayat's eldest son, has been closely involved in the organisation, management and development of the company since the late 1980s. He became CEO in 1994 and president of the group in 2013.

Whenever Clément Fayat acquired a new company, he immediately took over its strategic management. He saw the new company as part of his own family and always gave it the special FAYAT identity. One of his principles was never to turn down a job. "If we can't do something, we must learn it". However, he always weighed the risks with the firm intention of never jeopardising the company.


What is said about family companies is that the men and women working for it are its main assets. This is even more true for BOMAG; it is the commitment and the professionalism of the whole BOMAG team that allows the development of our company… Jean-Claude Fayat, CEO FAYAT Group