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If single machine parts need to be replaced, it is important for the operator to be able to react quickly. BOMAG Genuine Parts Kits are tailored exactly to your machine and ensure it functions over the long term. You receive all the original parts you need for maintenance, wear repairs or on-site service as a practical set. With BOMAG Genuine Parts Kits, you are optimally prepared for any situation and can be sure that your machine will be up and running again quickly.

Service Kits

We make it easy for you: by supplying everything you need for your machine's maintenance in one practical package. With just one order number, you receive all the maintenance parts for every BOMAG machine in tried and tested BOMAG quality. We have already taken care of the laborious searching for all the necessary parts for you. This saves you time and money - with a price advantage of up to 15% compared to single part orders.

Wear Part Kits

For large-scale BOMAG machines, we offer common maintenance parts as practical Wear Part Kits, e.g. scrapers, crawler tracks, base plates, track segments, cutting blades or rollers. They are specially designed for your machine and contain all the necessary parts for a quick wear repair. So you can get your machine up and running again quickly.

Emergency Kits

First aid for machine failures: Play it safe with the BOMAG Emergency Kit. The practical case contains all the necessary machine-specific and function-relevant components for quick and efficient repairs, and can be replaced on site by the operator if required. Reduce downtime and the associated outage costs!

Water Spray Kit

Always prepared with BOMAG water spray kit for tandem rollers, with which you ensure the maximum operational capability of your machine. The compact case contains BOMAG original sprinkler nozzles, filters, sealing rings and clamps, which can be easily exchanged on site. This ensures the drum surfaces are always properly sprinkled.     

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