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Make your machine an all-rounder.

The right option for every application.

Every job is different: different construction sites pose different challenges. BOMAG offers a wide range of options that enable you to extend your machine's range of application and simplify your everyday work. You can either directly upgrade your machine at the time of purchase or as required, with practical options to suit your specific needs. Our tailor-made solutions enable you to work more efficiently and precisely as well as ensuring greater safety and ease of use. That way you get the most out of your machine.

Light equipment

Well-equipped for all eventualities.

Our options for tampers guarantee optimal solutions for every use case. By attaching different foot plates, you can vary the working width or perform compaction work in very narrow and deep trenches with a foot extension. In addition, optional transport wheels enable easy handling on every construction site.

Now you can achieve optimum compaction results even more easily. Plastic mats that have been specially adapted to the plate offer reliable protection against damage to the pavement surface. Robust transport wheels can be fitted for faster and easier transport. Furthermore, an optional comfort bracket for forward running vibratory plates ensures even greater fatigue-free handling and less documentation.

Multipurpose compactors

Options for multi-purpose compactors enable even more precise and flexible working in soil compaction in trench, sewer, and pipeline construction. Adjustable scrapers, for example, can be fitted to ensure retrofitability and the optimum scraping of the material across the entire working width in combination with the standard drum extension. With the help of an optional smooth drum, you can also achieve excellent surface quality without padfoot prints, even on sandy material.

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Asphalt rollers

The greatest variety for your asphalt roller.

A wide range of options make your BOMAG asphalt roller a tailor-made companion for optimum compaction results. For work on edges and to increase the working width, you can equip your machine with optional crab steering, which enables you to move the drums up to 170 mm to either side. This allows the weight to be distributed over a larger area, particularly on sensitive and thin layers. To prevent asphalt pickup effectively, thermal aprons can be used that guarantee a quicker heat-up time of the tyres and a uniformly high tyre temperature. In addition, various auxiliary lighting systems and technologies enable efficient and safe working at all times.

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Perfect paving result and highest operating comfort.

For pavers, we offer numerous useful options to make your work easier. For example, you can equip your paver with a levelling system. The levelling function automatically regulates the paving thickness or tilting in accordance with a specified reference. Electrically heated screed side plates can be used to prevent bitumen from sticking to the cold side plates of the screed and leaving unwanted traces on the asphalt. The optional weather protection in combination with the heatable high comfort seat also guarantee a particularly high level of operating comfort.

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Single drum rollers

Maximum range of applications for your BOMAG single drum roller.

BOMAG single drum rollers can be adapted ideally to a wide range of requirements using tailor-made solutions. For compacting heavily cohesive soils, smooth foot drums with a segmented casing can easily be converted into padfoot drums. A dozer blade can be attached for use on landfills, in light earthworks or for backfilling trenches, thereby enabling the machine to take over the construction tasks of other equipment. In addition, a variety of auxiliary lighting and technologies ensure efficient and safe working at all times.

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Cold planers

Optimal milling performance guaranteed.

Our options for BOMAG cold milling machines ensure optimum milling performance at all times, resulting in greater economy, fuel savings, and increased performance.  Automatic levelling through the automatic copying of reference surfaces, for example, makes work much easier and increases productivity. Using a variety of quick-change milling drums, the right working widths and tool spacings can be ensured on every building site to achieve optimum milling results. 

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Recyclers & stabilizers

Precise dosing, perfect results.

Our options for recyclers and stabilizers always guarantee the highest variety of applications and perfect results. Depending on the desired application, you can choose between the four high-precision dosing systems: Water injection, cement slurry and bitumen emulsion, making your machine an all-rounder. Cutting tools in various sizes and degrees of hardness provide additional flexibility for use on a wide variety of construction sites. Another practical option is the water pre-filter, which filters out coarse particles right from the start, thus preventing blocking or damage to the water pump. With our high-pressure cleaner, you can quickly restore your machine to its former glory once the work is done.

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Refuse compactors

Up to any challenge.

Our options for BOMAG refuse compactors ensure the constant and reliable operational readiness of your machine as well as high operating comfort. The winter package guarantees your compactors are ready for operation quickly and safely, even on very cold days. BOMAG machines are equipped as standard with a combination filter (filter with active carbon package). By pre-equipping the machine for a protective ventilation system and installing such a unit, the operator can additionally be protected against hazardous gases and dusts, and the associated health risks. A further practical option for your compactor is the theft protection. This allows you to always park your machine safely after the work has been done.

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