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Successful projects

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On course for the perfect football pitch

Heiler relies on a special machine from BOMAG to press the 200 cm wide grass sods optimally. The machine was successfully used for the first time when laying turf at the Illoshöhe sports park in Osnabrück, Germany. The municipal sports fields are used as football training pitches by the licensed division of the VfL Osnabrück club. In order to achieve a static linear load of < 10 kg/cm, the BOMAG BW 120 AD-5 tandem vibratory roller was customised. In this case, the drum size was increased from 1200 mm to 1350 mm, and the shell thickness was reduced from 13 mm to 10 mm. Instead of 11.3 kg/cm, the weight-reduced tandem roller (2.5 t instead of 2.7 t) now achieves the required static linear load of < 10 kg/cm. 

"The turf is often said to be a game-changer. We agree, which is why we leave nothing to chance. It’s the reason we also appreciate BOMAG’s innovative solutions, which always cater to our precise requirements. The result exceeded our expectations and delighted our client. The match can begin." André Kastigen, authorised signatory at Heiler GmbH & Co. KG

Completely level

When laying turf on the Osnabrück training pitches, the new tandem roller more than earned its place on the team. It was used to press the newly laid turf optimally in the final step. The turf for the 100 m x 50 m pitch was laid in just one day. Authorised signatory André Kastigen strokes the soft grass of the new pitch with satisfaction. His conclusion: “The turf lanes are completely level. That will make sure the ball rolls smoothly.” Replacing and laying turf in football stadiums is a supreme discipline in gardening and landscaping. It takes the experience of a well-coordinated team and perfect logistics to ensure that the freshly cut turf from the Netherlands can be laid within a few hours. 

Turf renewed in the shortest possible time

The old turf is first removed with special planers. Sand is spread, and the field is compacted with rollers to prepare the site for the new turf. After the sand has been smoothed and levelled, the team can start laying the turf. From now on, everything has to run smoothly. “At 20 degrees Celsius, freshly peeled turf has a lifespan of up to 36 hours, calculated from the initial peeling to final installation,” explains André Kastigen. “When it's over 25 degrees, we only have 12 hours at our disposal. This requires perfect logistics; from peeling, to transport and laying. We have to be able to rely completely on our team and our machines.” 

The turf was laid in just one working day, including compaction. The BW 120 AD-5 tandem roller was used for the final pressing of the thick sod from the turf nursery in a final step — in a unique version for turf professionals. Thick sod, with a typical peel thickness of 15 to 45 mm, offers the great advantage that it is less sensitive due to its greater weight and can be played on immediately with studded shoes.  

Innovation-friendly culture

“The turf is often said to be a game-changer,” emphasises André Kastigen. “We agree, which is why we leave nothing to chance. It’s the reason we also appreciate BOMAG’s innovative solutions, which always cater to our precise requirements. The result exceeded our expectations and delighted our client. The match can begin.”

Versatile compaction fleet

The same applies to the construction of sports fields: The subsoil must be stable. For this reason, heiler will rely on the excellent compaction power and control from BOMAG in the future. The machine fleet is expanding with additional models: The two new BW 177 compact single drum rollers (weight 6.6 t, power 55.4 kW, emission classification: Stage V / TIER4f) are particularly manoeuvrable and real all-rounders when it comes to soil compaction. Thanks to the BW 213 single drum roller (weight: 12.6 t, power: 95 kW, Stage V / TIER 4f emission classification) heiler will also have a strong position when it comes to greater compaction work in the field.

The machines, branded in heiler’s colours with orange/green paintwork, give the construction site a uniform appearance and ensure a high recognition factor.

"We are delighted about the excellent cooperation with heiler. Special applications like these are always great,” says Sebastian Kölzer, Product Manager for Light Tandem Rollers at BOMAG. “Because they show just how versatile and adaptable our compaction technology really is. And I also learned in this project how much high-tech and know-how are required in order to make something as seemingly simple as a turf pitch make athletes and football players happy.” Sebastian Kölzer, Product Manager Light Tandem Rollers

Asphalt rollers

Asphalt compaction with BOMAG expertise.

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